The torch has travelled ’round the globe and arrives at William & Mary on Friday, February 7… Actually it’s a scented candle, from the men’s bathroom at that, and according to Kevin, “Smells like cookies.” That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, it’s AMP’s Office Olympics!

Join us at 7:00 in Tidewater for an Olympic event inspired by NBC’s own “The Office.” We’ll be playing favorites like Dunderball and the national sport of Icelandic paper companies, Flonkerton. And, of course, a personal favorite, brought to you by Stanley: “Yeah I got a game, its called work hard so my kids can go to college.”

For those of you who are loath to miss a single second of Sochi, we’ll also be live streaming the opening ceremony on the projector – so be sure to stop by for some big screen action AND awesome Office-based games!

Well, now, we kids are here so let’s represent the College (or Dunder Mifflin, if you prefer) in the 2014 Office Olympics!


Office Olympics

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