Professor Talk with Randy Chambers: Setting Lake Matoaka on Fire—A Renewable Source of Energy?

The College of William and Mary buys electricity to help cool the campus during summer; we also burn oil and gas to help heat the campus during winter. Needless to say, the College has quite a sizeable carbon footprint.

But are we stuck—must we use so much energy derived from fossil fuels? Do we have to be reliant on energy brought in from outside the campus confines, or do we have renewable resources on-site that might be used to reduce our fossil-fuel consumption? Biofuels? Hydro-electric? Wind? Solar-thermal? Photovoltaic? Geothermal? What about plain-old Conservation?

This past semester, the Alternate Energy Strategies (ENSP249) class considered these options and assessed their utility on the W&M campus. Given the amount of energy we now use, finding out how much alternate energy we have at our disposal may surprise you!

Join ENSP professor Randy Chambers in a casual conversation about energy. We like our food grown locally—can we get our renewable energy grown locally, too?

Wednesday 28 January 7PM, Tidewater B, Sadler Center
Snacks will be provided!

See the Facebook event here:


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