[AMP] Zombie Volunteer Interest Meetings


Have you ever watched The Walking Dead? Do you like scaring people more than being scared yourself? Ever wanted to wear grotesque-looking makeup and chase people? Well then come on out and volunteer for Zombie Apocalypse – W&M’s version of Humans vs. Zombies – brought to you by AMP! We provide the zombie makeup and you chase/terrorize students as they search Campus Center for the “cure” to a disease that has turned W&M students into zombies. (But be careful, the students will be armed with Nerf guns.)

For more information, come out to one of our interest meetings!

-Tuesday, October 20th @ 7:00 PM in Sadler Chesapeake B

-Wednesday, October 21st @ 7:00 PM in Sadler James Room

-Friday, October 23rd @ 3 PM in Sadler York Room

If you can’t make it to either meeting but are still interested in volunteering, contact Allison Jennings at ahjennings@email.wm.edu!

More info:

Zombie Apocalypse is on October 30th in Campus Center from 9 PM – 1 AM. If you choose to become a zombie, we will FEED YOU WITH FREE FOOD! BONUS!!


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