AMP ComedyBrew feat. Francisco Ramos

Whaaaaat?!? A comedy show on April Fool’s Day?!?
You’ve GOT to be kidding me!!!
(No, we’re not.)

Come see William and Mary’s most talented, up-and-coming comedians compete for glory and riches (well, plastic trophies) in this semester’s Comedybrew!!!!

This show will feature six very talented student comedians:
Joanna Hernandez
Lexie Garcia
Chris DeProspo
Olivia Witt
Lydia House
Emily Draper
…. in an epic battle of comedic stylings and general stand-up awesomeness.

Guest comedian Francisco Ramos will be the judge for the evening AND will perform to cap off the night! So bring you friends, and start April off right, by laughing the night away!

Francisco Ramos is one of the top 10 finalists from this season’s Last Comic Standing, and he will appear as Ramon on the new Netflix show “Lady Dynamite”, slated to come out in early 2016.


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