We frequently co-sponsor events with other campus organizations, who have substantial events, but need monetary, publicity or production help or who are interested in being associated with a particular AMP event.

If your organization is interested in co-sponsoring an event, send us an e-mail with details of the event information and what sort of co-sponsoring support you need. Also, please include the name of the committee you see as most appropriate to participate in the subject line of the e-mail.

Co-Sponsorship Guidelines:

  1. All publicity must have the name of both organizations.
  2. The entertainment must be in keeping with the AMP purpose.
  3. A representative from each organization must be present throught the duration of the event.
  4. The presence of alcohol or lack of alcohol must be mutually determined by the two organizations.
  5. The decision of cover charges must be agreed upon by the two organizations. Cover charges and divisions of revenue must be decided by both organizations prior to the event.
  6. The contact person from the co-sponsoring organization must attend a meeting with the sponsoring committee chair and advisor prior to the major events only.
  7. An evaluation of the event must be completed within one week by each organization and retuned to the AMP advisor.

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