AMP // October Trivia

It’s the event everyone, their mother, and their dog all TACO ’bout: ~~October Trivia~~ The Leafe Trivia doesn’t have free tacos and cool prizes, but AMP Late Nite Trivia gotchu. Our categories (order subject to change) are:

1. MLB
2. Explorers + discoveries
3. Bones (the tv show + the stuff inside us)
4. Social Media
5. Urban Legends
6. Name the City
7. Guinness
8. Astronomy


AMP // Kickoff Trivia!

Do you like free pizza? What about donuts?? Rad prizes???
If you say yes to any of those questions (like any rational person naturally does), you should join AMP for our first trivia of the semester!!! Our categories are:

1. William & Mary
2. Children of celebrities
3. Roald Dahl (happy belated birthday yo)
4. The rainforest
5. Smelly food
6. What year is it?
7. Football + futbol
8. F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

AMP Escape the Room

Alma Mater Productions presents an interactive puzzle game using logic and teamwork. See if you have what it takes to Escape the Room!

Teams of up to eight click on the Google sheets link to sign up for a time slot. If there is still space in the rooms you can still sign up for the room.

The sheet can be found here:

The three rooms we have are: The Holiday Hunt, The Game Parlor, and The Space Capsule!

Please plan to arrive at the Sadler couches 10 minutes before your time slot so that we can go over the rules and lead you to your room!

AMP February 12th Trivia!

Come out our February 12th Trivia! There will be a bunch of great food and prizes.

The categories are:
The Plant World
Celebrity Alias’
19th C. Authors
South Asian Student Association
Black History Month
March Madness
Name that Flag
Star Wars

We are very excited to have a category written by the South Asian Student Association for this Trivia! It will be about South Asia geography, culture, tradition, history, etc.

Update: The star wars category will only be from the original trilogy!!