Need a laugh? The Comedy Committee features rising comics once a month in Lodge One, as well as big name entertainers like comedians Bo Burham and Donald Glover.

Get to know the 2014-2015 members of Comedy:

Committee Chair: India Braver –

Name: Alyssa Ward
Class Year: 2016

Name: Ben McCartney
Class Year: 2016

Name: Carin Gannon
Class Year: 2016

Name: Caroline McLennan
Class Year: 2015

Name: Dan Sutherland
Class Year: 2016

Name: Franchesca McConnell
Class Year: 2016

Name: Imran Husain
Class Year:

Name: Jack Reibstein
Class Year: 2017

Name: James Ramser
Class Year: 2017

Name: Kareem Obey
Class Year: 2016

Name: Kelsey Wilkinson
Class Year: 2015

Name: Natalie McConnell
Class Year: 2015

Name: Tess Higgins
Class Year: 2015

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