Late Nite

Late Nite is designed to fill the gap of quality on-campus programming late at night on the weekends. Late Nite Committee members work to bring exciting events to campus between the hours of 9pm and 2am on the weekends. Popular events put on by the committee include Late Nite Trivia, casino nights, photo adventures, and numerous co-sponsored events with other W&M organizations.

Late Nite Mission Statement

AMP (Alma Mater Productions), the primary campus-wide programming body at The College of William and Mary, strives to provide diverse, high-quality entertainment at a low cost to the college community, while also serving both as a resource and co-programmer for other organizations.

As an initiative of AMP, Late Nite Programming aspires to bring the same diverse and quality programs to the entire William and Mary community on Friday and Saturday nights in Lodge One from the hours of 9pm to 2am.

Recognizing the limited availability of social venues in Williamsburg, AMP’s Late Nite Programming seeks to serve the students’ need for a socially engaging environment on Friday and Saturday nights by providing consistent entertainment and fostering a vibrant social atmosphere on campus. While Late Nite aids other student organizations in event planning both logistically and financially, its primary goal is to provide students the opportunity to meet and interact with each other in a casual setting. This is accomplished primarily, but not exclusively, by creating a fun, exciting, and open social environment in Lodge 1.

Co-sponsor with Late Nite

If your organization is sponsoring an event on Friday or Saturday night between 9 pm and 2 am, you may qualify to receive funds from AMP! Learn more about AMP’s Late Nite Funding.

Late Nite Committee Members

Committee Chair: Anh Tran


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