AMP // Feelin’ 22 Brew

Maybe you’re feelin’ a little 22 or maybe you’re feelin’ famous? Either way, come to Homebrew in Lodge 1 to hear some awesome performers play some cool tunes!

Schedule of the evening:

8pm: Scott Grim
8:30pm: Ashley Mitchell
9pm: James Crawford
9:30pm: Keira McCarthy, Amy Folkerts, Tiger Richetti
10pm: Joe Shirey
10:30pm: Hannah and Friends (Hannah Stevenson, Liam Farrell, Kali Gille, Clint Roscoe, Ian Wright)

AMP Intern Applications!

If you are interested in bringing amazing events to the campus, join AMP, William & Mary’s largest programming board! We bring concerts and comedians; staff events, such as bubble soccer and a disco roller rink; collaborate with a variety of student organizations and so much more! AMP interns will have the opportunity to try out our different committees and find their best fit in our organization. Any undergraduate student in their first two years on campus is eligible to apply to be an AMP intern (transfer students are welcome too!) The link to our online application can be found here:
The application is due on September 10th at midnight.

Please contact Kevin Nelson at with any further questions!

Make Your Own Ice Cream (W/ Liquid Nitrogen)

Join AMP and The Society of Physics Students this upcoming Wednesday (August 31st) and make your own ice cream with liquid nitrogen. Learn about the properties of Nitrogen that allow it to exist as a liquid at such low temperatures over some fresh ice cream (tastes better than store bought ice cream – but don’t tell Food Lion). Choose your your dessert destiny by picking assorted mix-ins and flavors.

The Society of Physics Students (SPS) will also be holding it’s first annual meeting later in the evening, starting at 8:00PM in Small 122, which will have pizza and ice cream along with information for new members. If you enjoy the science behind the liquid nitrogen Ice Cream and enjoy Physical phenomenon in general then check out the SPS!